New WordPress Free Real Estate Website Builder Plugin

Using Real Estate Website Builder, a brand new WordPress plugin you can easily create and manage fully functional real estate websites with lots of useful features.

Installation: Install and activate Real Estate Website Builder. From “Placester” admin area menu, Plugin Settings tab, add your API key and configure its settings. View FAQs.

RETS Highlights:

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Provides better SEO
  3. You can create and manage listing landing pages
  4. Full international listing support, 240+ countries
  5. You can tune listings on website for the target market
  6. You can customize sidebar layout using robust widgets
  7. You can easily promote featured properties across your website
  8. It can automatically update itself with the the latest listings data
  9. Provides you powerful search based on Placester API and Google Maps
  10. You can set listings as “Featured” and highlight them in sidebar throughout your website
  11. You can populate your website with listing inventory from your property database company
  12. Placester has free themes that work seamlessly with this free Placester plugin (premium themes are also available).
  13. You can create your new free Placester account in one simple step and automatically add your listings to your WordPress site. No credit card required.

Check its live demo:

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