Favoriting Plugins On WordPress.Org Is Even More Useful Now

Now you can quickly access your WordPress.Org’s favorite plugin list while installing new plugins in your WordPress site.

On WordPress.org under all plugin’s download button there is a favorite button (heart icon) which is visible to logged in users. It allows you to mark any plugin as favorite and share it to your profile. Now here’s a new WordPress plugin that allows you to access that favorite plugin list while adding any new plugin on any of your WordPress site. This helps you to quickly install all your favorite plugins from any of your WordPress site.

First of all you need to install and activate Favorite Plugins. This will automatically add a new Favorites’ tab on Plugin->Add New page. Now when you click this tab it will ask you to enter your WordPress.org username.  Enter your WordPress.org username, and click ‘Get Favorites’. That’s all, you can install your favorite plugins from the list.

TIP: It only asks for username since WordPress.org’s favorites are public so you may use your friend’s (or someone else’s) username for checking his favorite list ;-)

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