How To Check Whether Your IP Address Is Sent Over Emails?

Sometimes email messages include your IP address in their headers. This can enable your recipients to track your geographical location.

Including IP entirely depends on your email provider. In this lesson you will learn about finding whether your email provider is sending your IP over your email conversations or not.

There are many known ways of finding whether your email provider is revealing your IP or not. Like you can send an email to yourself and then check it out yourself in the header of email.

OR you may use this free web service called It allows you to check if your email provider shows your IP address to recipients or not.

Start by visiting and click ‘Start’ button

It will now track your IP and create a unique email address for you. All you got to do is send an email to the given address.

Email Leak Test 2

Don’t worry about the subject line and email content. Just send an email and the service will look up for your IP address. And if IP is found, you will receive an email alert.

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