Extend WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode With All Important Buttons

Default WordPress distraction free writing mode provides you a minimal set of options. Earlier we have discussed about adding preview button and changing the width of editor in distraction free writing mode.

In this article we will show you how you can extend it very beautifully to enable all other kinds of extra functions which a user needs while writing a post in WordPress. 

Just Writing is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add extra buttons to editor of WordPress distraction free writing mode. It starts working immediately after activation and also provides each registered user the power to enable or disable buttons individually.

Start by installing and activating Just Writing plugin in WordPress

Extending Distraction Free Writing Mode 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and switch to distraction free writing mode.

You will be noticing all important TinyMCE buttons and other useful options are now added to your post editor.

Before activating ‘Just Writing’ plugin:

Extending Distraction Free Writing Mode 3

After activating ‘Just Writing’ plugin:

Extending Distraction Free Writing Mode 2

Users can manually enable or disable options and customize distraction free writing mode settings from their profile edit page on Users -> Your Profile screen.

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