Transform Google Chrome New Tab Into A Simple Minimalist Bookmarker

There are various apps that lets you transform your new tab page to a custom layout. Yesterday, a user at asked us is there any way to use some simple, minimalist, hacker type layout for showing bookmarks, apps and recently closed tabs etc in Google Chrome. 

Earlier we have discussed about using Windows 8 Metro style in Chrome. We have also discussed about transforming new tab with a 3D layout speed dial bookmarker. Now in this article we will show you how you can give your new tab page a simpler layout.

Humble New Tab Page 4

After testing lots of new tab transformer apps, we have found Humble New Tab Page, a Google Chrome app that lets you redesign new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, recently closed and weather in a simple custom layout.

Start by adding Humble New Tab Page app in Google Chrome

It gives you a simple, clean design which is highly customizable and loads up very fast. It transforms the default new tab page with a drag and drop folders to create new columns or reorder them.

Humble New Tab Page 3

You can also customize the font, colors, spacing and more from the options menu.

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