Enable Face Detection For Better Cropping Of Thumbnails In WordPress

You can control the auto-cropping of thumbnails, you control the way how WordPress generates thumbnails in your website.

You must have noticed that when WordPress auto-generates thumbnails, it never crops them in the way which is more suitable for showing the thumbnail.

For instance, suppose you have a full portrait image of a person that you’ve uploaded, but you want the image to appear landscape or may be you have a landscape image, with a person’s face on the right hand side, but you need it to display in a square thumbnail. 

Yes, default image cropping functionality is not intelligent enough to see and recognize the style and direction of your image.

Here comes the use of this intelligent plugin.

My Eyes Are Up Here is a WordPress plugin that allows you to control how your website is generating thumbnails. Hence, you can decide how exactly you want your thumbnails to appear on your posts.

Default WordPress cropping:

My Eyes Are Up Here 1

After My Eyes Are Up Here has detected any faces:

My Eyes Are Up Here 2

Despite the consequences of the image format you upload, you can either go for automatic face detector or manually add your hot-spots.

Start by installing and activating My Eyes Are Up Here in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your media library and click the image you want to edit.

Now detect faces or use hotspots option to edit your image. It shows you the thumbnail previews. When you are done, update your changes and that’s it.

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