How To Enable WordPress Users To Toggle (View/Hide) Passwords On Login Screen?

Masking, the bullets that generally appear whenever you type any password on any website is a general practice you can find on most websites and applications. This was just designed to prevent other people from looking and memorizing your passwords from your screen.


Today some find it difficult, some say password masking is unnecessary due to the reason of increased usage of personal media devices like tablets and laptops, there are very few occasions when a person needs accessing Internet from a non-private screen. Whatsoever may be the reason, in this tutorial we will discuss how yo can also allow your website users to toggle password visibility i.e. show & hide password on WordPress login page.


So what all you will be needing to do is install and activate hideShowPassword plugin. It works out of box and there are no settings to configure. You can see it in action soon by logging out from your website.

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