Easily Modify WordPress WP-config.php File Values From Admin Area

WordPress configuration file is located in the root directory of your website. It is the most important file containing details of your website’s base configuration like connection to database etc. In this tutorial we will show you how you can edit this file directly from your admin area dashboard. 

WP Config File Editor is the new WordPress plugin that lets you customize wp-config file right from your admin area dashboard.

The plugin provides you a simple user interface form that lets you modify wp-config.php file values. You can modify WordPress database, secure keys, loalization and debugging constants values allocated in wp-config.php file using a friendly parameterized form.

Editing WP-Config File:

Install and activate WP Config File Editor plugin in WordPress. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘WP Config File Editor’ from the left side menu.

WP Config File Editor 1

It also provides you an option to preview newly generated wp-config file content before finally writing to main wp-config.php file in your root.

WP Config File Editor 2

Updating wp-config file might break down my site

So never write any invalid value to your wp-config.php file and always keep backup of your website’s config file in advance.

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