Easily Make Your WordPress Site Header Navigation Sticky

Sticky Header by ThematoSoup is the powerful WordPress plugin which provides you an easiest way to make your header navigation menu sticky i.e. visible all the time even when you scroll to very bottom of any web page. Just like Facebook & Twitter top navigation, visible all the time.

How To Make WordPress header navigation Sticky?

So first thing you need to do is make sure you have created a menu from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus page, if not then create one.

Install and activate Sticky Header by ThematoSoup plugin. Upon activation visit your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize page and you will see ‘Sticky Header by ThematoSoup’ dropdown is added there.

Now click ‘Sticky Header by ThematoSoup’ and select menu you like to show up as sticky in header. Also you can upload your logo, set sticky navigation background and text color etc.

Finally, save all settings. Visit frontend of your website, scroll down and you will see how it works. Most useful and easy plugin that works with all WordPress themes. For further support refer to its dedicated support forums.

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