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Advertising Eats Into Your Money While Blogging Earns You Money

Blogging your business is the most effective opportunity to engage your target audience. Your blog post is an ideal way to show your expertise to your prospective clients and establish your authority by regularly making posts offering solutions over industry-related topics.

Advertising Keeps On Taking Your Money Till It Is Visible Whereas Blog Posts Keeps On Earning Money For You Till They Are Visible

The common drawback of any sort of advertising is that as soon you publish it, it starts taking your money and it keeps on taking it until the ad goes offline, and then also there’s no guarantee that your ad will convert into a sale.

In advertising, there are both success and disaster stories but in blogging, some are successful whereas some are not so successful, because every blog post on the internet drives some views.

Whatever Advertisements Do, A Blog Post Can Also Do The Same?

The advertisement helps people to know about what products and services are available in the market and who is offering you what and at what price.

It helps people in knowing about amazing products available in the market and for this, they demand capital investment from you. A blog post can do the same without charging any money from you.

Blog Post Gives You Traffic Without Taking Your Money

On the other side, a blog post may also fail in attracting a huge base of audience but it always gives you some value in return, less or more it only gives, less traffic or more it only gives, one view or a million views it only gives, and it only gives without taking any money from your pocket.

Another reason to blog instead of running ads is all advertising agencies online show ads on blog content.

For example, Google Ads are shown on blogs, YouTube ads are shown in between videos posted by people, Facebook ads are shown in Facebook posts, and Twitter ads are shown in Twitter posts made by individuals. So overall setting is that all websites are dependent on user posts for displaying ads of their clients.

So Why Not Use Your Post As Your Medium Of Marketing?

So why not use your post as your medium of marketing instead of relying on other people’s posts? Why not make yourself powerful instead of renting a part of the fuel from someone else?

Blogging Can Give You Business And Blogging Can Be A Business

Blogging can be used on your website to market your business and blogging can be used for helping other corporations by displaying their ads on your website. Blogging is itself a business.

Anyone can use blogging to increase traffic to his website, promote his products and services, build trust with the target audience, and differentiate his business from the competitors.

As well as anyone may also use blogging for sharing topics that interest him, building a fan following, and then monetizing blog content to earn money from it.

How To Build A Blog For Your Business?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. It not only gives you a blog but you can have a fully functional business website with or without the eCommerce option, and yes a blog for promoting your business online.

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