How To Use cPanel Email Accounts On Android & Apple Mail Clients?

Earlier we have discussed creating email addresses using your cPanel hosting account at This post explains to use webmail addresses on your Apple or Android device such as your smartphone or tablet.

Simply login to your account and visit your hosting’s cPanel. Then scroll to EMAIL subsection and click Email Accounts.

Scroll down to EMAIL ACCOUNTS list and each address will show you a link to SETUP MAIL CLIENT. The page offers you both manual email configuration details as well as automatic configuration scripts for mail clients. Here you can select the script for your mail client operating system, download it then import the settings on your device.

Automatic configuration scripts can be used on Mac, iOS for iPhone and iPad but not on Android. In case you run into some error then read this tutorial for manual configuration on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Android Email Configuration

Android users need to configure the email client manually using the manual mail client settings given on the page.

Following are the typical settings any mail (Android, Apple & Windows etc) client uses:

  • Username – Your email address
  • Password – Your email account’s password
  • Incoming Server – mail.[your domain name]
  • Incoming Ports – IMAP — 143 POP — 110
  • Outgoing Server – mail.[your domain name]
  • SMTP (Outgoing) Port – 25 (587 or 80 might also work)

Now you have configuration details, simply tap to open your Gmail App on Android and then follow these steps:

  1. Tap top left menu icon
  2. Tap drop-down triangle next to the email address
  3. Tap Add Account button
  4. Tap ‘Other’ option
  5. Follow on-screen steps

All email addresses on a cPanel account share the same pool of 500 SMTP relays (outbound messages) per hour.

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