Making Use Of Free Email Forwarding At

All domains registered at comes packed with some free extra services, Email Forwarding is one of them. Let’s say you want to forward your @yourdomain email to your personal email account or you want to create multiple email addresses on your domain and forward them to one email address or you want to make a catch all email address.

Another instance is when you want all emails of your domain (correct or incorrect) to get automatically routed to one default email address. Yes, Email Forwarding includes tons of different ideas and all are possible when you subscribe a Webhosting plan.

But this lesson only covers the email forwarding which you get free with every domain you register at

The free email forwarding enables you to set up multiple email accounts, only for forwarding emails to some address. Hence, no emails get stored at the addresses you create; any email coming in gets automatically delivered to your main email address.

How to start forwarding emails after you register your domain?

Simply login to your account, visit MY ACCOUNT section, click WORKSPACE EMAILS, select  EMAIL FORWARDING.

This will ask you to select a domain name and then on screen process will guide you to create new email addresses and forward them to an email account.

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