Create Glossary Or Dictionary And Show It On Tooltips In WordPress

You can easily create your own glossary, dictionary or encyclopedia and show it over tooltips in your WordPress site. You can add difficult words, enter their meanings, define them and then automatically show them on mouse over inside your posts and pages in WordPress.

CM Tooltip Glossary is a WordPress plugin that lets you do this right from your admin area dashboard.

Based on your settings, the plugin parses your content like posts and post types finding the terms that are added and defined by you in the glossary.

The output links appear inside your posts and pages and as soon the user hovers the defined terms, they show up the meaning on tooltips.

The plugin provides you various customization options and settings you can configure from your admin area dashboard CM Tooltip Glossary -> Settings page.

And if the a user clicks over the term, it directs him to the term Page.

The plugin create a post with a unique ID and permalink for each and every term. It automatically generates an index page listing all the terms in the glossary.

Start by installing and activating CM Tooltip Glossary plugin in WordPress

CM Tooltip Glossary 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard CM Tooltip Glossary -> Add New page and create new glossary term.

CM Tooltip Glossary 2

All created terms can be managed from CM Tooltip Glossary -> Glossary page.

The plugin also provides you a link to all its documentation and usage guide. From its left side menu, simply click ‘User Guide’ link.

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