Certain Terms Get Lost Through Evolution

Linus Torvalds publicly prefers the term ‘programming’ or ‘engineering’ instead of ‘hacking’ although he doesn’t mind calling himself a ‘hacker’ while Richard Stallman still make hard efforts to bring the term ‘hacker’ back in usage by differentiating this with crackers. 

L K Advani, whom Richard Stallman personally visited last year, has also been of opinion to say ‘programmers’ instead of ‘hackers’. Politicians cannot protect the term ‘hacking’ as this term is actually lost like ‘jihad’ in Islam.

Sangkrit prefers preparing programmers of providence so he doesn’t mind if they hack the future. Still they should not be hacking a website as it amounts breaking down the concept of private property on Internet.

Instead Sangkrit wants them earn their living by making useful websites duly for domain registrants. Each of them must get paid not less than US$ 15 per hour of dedicated support to a domain. Here Sangkrit happily agreed to disagree with Dr Richard Stallman, who thought it is going to be disastrous for the free software.

To Sangkrit nothing is more important than his disciples earning out of the education, they are given at SANGKRIT.net so Sangkrit finds the term ‘hacker’ now lost through evolution. Certain terms get lost through evolution and hacking is also a lost term.

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