Change Old Image Format Size In WordPress Posts And Custom Post Types

Now you can easily find images inside your post content and change their format size. Great tool when switching to a new WordPress theme or changing the layout of your website.

When an image is uploaded to WordPress, it generates several versions of that image in different sizes. The image is then inserted in content using ADD MEDIA button in visual editor and a custom image size format is selected.

But when you switch to new theme with different content area size, your old post images starts to look odd. Sometimes they overflow to sidebars or to other elements etc.

This happens because the images you insert in your content becomes the part of your content, they are hardcoded in posts and remains the same even when you switch to a new layout.

Hence, in result your images do not fit perfectly with the new design.

Replace Content Image Size is a WordPress plugin that searches the post content of images with the old image sizes and replace it for the right image format i.e. thumbnail, medium, large, full or custom format size.

Start by installing ‘Replace Content Image Size’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> Replace Content Image Size, the process consists three simple steps:

In first step you are offered a form to introduce the width to find, or the period between two widths separated by a hyphen (-) with max 100 points of difference.

Optionally you can enter a custom post type, leave it blank for the ‘post’ post type.

Replace Content Image Size

Next step presents the coincidence or multiple coincidences for each post, with the old html code in grey color, and the replacement in black color. It also displays you the new image. For each item there is a checkbox which is ticked by default.

In final step, at the end of the list, a submit button can perform these changes. Before this step, it is advisable to backup your posts table.

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