Turn WordPress Gravatars Into Gmail App Like Alphabet Avatars

Gmail App like avatar shows you the initial letter of the user on a random background color. Earlier we have discussed about using first alphabet from the name as user avatar on WordPress  site and BuddyPress networks.

In this lesson you will learn doing the same thing forcefully all over your website in Google style. You can display first letter of user avatar using a random background color every-time.

Gmail Like Gravatar Fallback is a WordPress plugin that simply converts default Gravatar into Gmail App like Gravatar showing the initial letter of the user in a random background color.

Start by installing ‘Gmail Like Gravatar Fallback’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation,  it detects the user gravatars which are not set and are default. Then plugin works and convert them to square icons with first letter of user name.

Gmail Like Gravatar Fallback 1

Gmail Like Gravatar Fallback 2

The plugin doesn’t disturbs default gravatar settings and hence once this plugin is deactivated, old setting come back in action. After the plugin is active you will be able to view new avatar styles on comments list, users and members screens, list etc.

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