Programming At The House Of Sangkrit

Technically Sangkrit is the galaxy of independent domain registrants to let all emerge as sovereign suns within their solar systems upon world-wide-web. So that around them their planets move in their particular orbits and there move their satellites too in their own orbits. Thus all coalesce altogether without ever crossing paths with each-other .

At the center of this galaxy in principle there must be a big black hole. It is always there in the center of every galaxy in universe. It is the house of Sangkrit, where the family of Sangkrit lives. We call us family on the basis that our economy is one. We do not accept anyone with another economy as our family which is made of self-publishing online writers who seamlessly use a single nom de plume “Sangkrit” and can elaborate well even so far unseen events.

It is always Sunday at our place since we are entrapped in the time loop of a Sunday but our Sundays are quite different. Visitors and calls are not received. Physically no daily newspaper or any periodical comes. We do not watch television also. We only think “What If?” while read even the best of possible.

We order our books online. Everyone of us always has a book to read. We go out also mostly to see an interesting movie every time there is one to see. On our way back, we buy necessary groceries.

We start our day at the earliest by cleaning our house ourselves before to get ready by taking bath and breakfast. We enjoy only freshly cooked vegetarian meals which we ourselves prepare for us. Thereafter we just write down whatever has passed through our minds benefiting the most of humanity worldwide while we did all that. We attempt writing the best by considering us the ultimate reader writing only what interests us most.

A post is the primary product that eternally earns revenue for Sangkrit. So we always embed almost everything in to this only. Doing so we carefully follow a few fundamentals as follows: –

  1. We Enter The Title
  2. We Write Our Article
  3. We Rewrite The Title
  4. We Select A Category
  5. We Give Necessary Tags
  6. We Set Featured Image
  7. We Preview Our Post
  8. We Publish Our Post
  9. We Submit The URL To Google Index
  10. We Search For It

While we enjoy our working but never get finally satisfied with the outcome. We just keep on struggling for doing better. To do so we walk rigorously throughout the house and clean everything instead of just sitting on desk. We return to our writing table only with certain sentences in mind.

We drink earl grey tea or American Iceberg as our refreshment. Whenever we go out we use our android devices to write down whatever passes through mind along with capturing appealing images whichever passes through eyesight. So that all the stuff is secured to get used as per requirements in our posts. We do not work after the sunset.

We write posts regularly as complete lessons interestingly useful worldwide. Likwise our money also comes from worldwide. Every time it is some other country from where some money is added in to our account. Our economy is globally distributed because our interests are global.

We do promote four categories of Free Code, Free Press, Free Trade and Free World. We accept code following four freedoms as free code. We accept media without middle-men-ship as free press. We accept trade worldwide in bitcoins as free trade. We want the whole world accepting all this to become free world.

We do’t ever discuss our works. Never. With none. Although constantly we stay vigilant about all ongoing trends via searchable index. Despite that we do not ever follow anyone or copy anything. We have disconnected all possible disturbances by controlling our time and space and disallow wrong averaging by managing both.

We would annually be compiling all useful posts published upon compiled as Selected Readings From The Works Of Sangkrit. That we shall be selling online via Google Play.

We never speak to press considering it based on middle-men-ship so subject to extinction. We never organize any physical event because its impact is always very limited in comparison with our works, which globally impact entire connected humanity.

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