How To Easily Manage All Google Chrome Tabs From A Central Place?

Here is an easy way to better Google Chrome tab management. With Tab Outliner extension you can manage all your browser tabs from one place by using an hierarchical list of all tabs and windows. You can also save entire tab sessions and access it anytime.

Another good thing about Tab Outliner  is that, after an accidental crash, you are not not forced to open entire tab session but it allows you to reopen tabs individually as per your need.

How To Use Tab Outliner?

Install it in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser. After the extension is installed, it adds its icon on the top right corner of your browser (right next to address bar).

Tabs Outliner 4

Clicking that icon opens up a small new window showing all browser tabs in a tree like view.

Tabs Outliner 2

You can open any tab, simply by clicking it from this tab manager. As soon you hover any tab title, it popsup options for closing the tab, deleting tab from the session etc.

How To Save Your Tab Sessions?

Tabs Outliner 3

It can also be used as a session manager. By default, tabs and windows get disappeared (not in crashes) after the Chrome is closed but you can save your session by using ‘Save & Close‘ button which pops up at the left bottom corner of this tab manager.

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