WP Bootstrapper: New Easy Twitter Bootstrap Classes & Shortcodes For WordPress

WP Bootstrapper is new Twitter Bootstrap plugin for easily integrating new Bootstrap with your WordPress site. The plugin is easy and fun in use with classes and shortcodes. To start simply install and activate WP Bootstrapper.After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Bootstraper and here you can enable or disable diffent parts of Bootstrap. Use of this plugin is very easy with shortcodes and classes as shown below.

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You can use the following shortcodes: [alert]This is my first alert[/alert] [alert type="danger"]Watch out for that truck![/alert]
[progress-bar progress="50"] [progress-bar progress="40" style="striped" type="success"]

[glyphicon icon="star"] [glyphicon icon="user" size="50"] [glyphicon icon="cloud" color="#000"]

[label]Default label[/label] [label type="danger"]My Red Label[/label]

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