How To Run Many WordPress Installations In One Database?

Unlike to’s hosting accounts, there are many hosting providers who give you a limited amount of MySQL databases and resources. So in this tutorial we will be telling you how you can run multiple WordPress installations on a single MySQL database. Yes, a single database can run multiple websites including single and multisite WordPress installations or even you can also run other CMS application like Mediawiki with in that. Let us see how.

While installing WordPress manually on your hosting account, a step asks you to enter database name, database username, database user password, host and the last field asks for the table prefix which is by default is wp_

So what all you have to do is change wp_ to something else maybe wp1_ etc and then while installing other WordPress sites use the same database name, database username, database user password, host but remember to change wp_ table prefix to a new name.

For easy remembrance you can use wp1_ , wp2_, wp3_, wp4_ and so on. Not only WordPress but as we have told you that using a different table prefix everytime you can install as many blogging and website, video hosting and other web softwares on one same database. If you are facing any problems then feel free to use the following comment form.

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