WordPress 3.7, Now It Updates Automatically In Background, Just Like Chrome

WordPress 3.7 is ready for update. This new update provides you various new cool features like , now there is no need to lift a finger for making maintenance and other security updates. Now most sites cam automatically apply these kinds of updates in background just like Chrome & Chromebook. But some configurations may not allow this thing to happen.

Updates Automatically

Now updates are more reliable and secure with many different checks and safeguards. Now it comes with fine-grained update controls for developers and systems admins. You can keep WordPress updates run automatically in background even major feature update. Also you can keep certain plugins up to date while you sleep.

No Need Of Password Meter Plugin, Its Inbuilt Now

Other than this it provides you password meter so now there is no need of using a separate plugin for this. You can  create complex, long, and unique password easily and see how strong it is on password meter at the same time.

New Improved Search For Better Search Query Results

Now WordPress 3.7 search results are ordered by search query match unlike to old date wise order so there is no need of using addon plugin for that. For example, if your keyword matches post title, that result will get pushed to top.

Better Global Support

Localized WP versions will get receive faster and more complete translations. It provides you automatic support for installing right language files and keeping them updated.

Better Multisite

Many improvements are made for multisite networks like now wp_get_sites() allows WP developers to easily get an array of all sites present on your multisite network without resorting to a direct database query.

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