WooJetpack For Supercharging Your WordPress E-commerce Website

WooJetpack is a service that supercharges your WordPress website with awesome set of powerful modules essential for website owners using excellent WooCommerce platform on WordPress sites. 

It provides provides you a range of features. Very much like to traditional Jetpack plugin, it also includes you a set of modules which can be activated and managed individually on your WooCommerce website:

  • Custom Pricing Labels so that you can create custom pricing labels for any product.
  • Call for Price to create any custom price label, like Call for price, for all products with empty price.
  • Currencies that add all world currencies, change currency symbol.
  • PDF Invoices, Sequential order numbering, custom order number prefix, date prefix, suffix and number width. Set minimum order amount.
  • Various Sorting Options and Payment Gateways like COD – Cash on Delivery, Cheque, BACS, Mijireh Checkout, PayPal, WooCommerce payment gateways. Add payment gateways fees to any custom and/or default gateway.
  • Checkout, Shipping, Emails, Product Listings options so that lets you change display options for shop and category pages.
  • Options like Product Info, Product Tabs,
  • Cart options like Add “Empty Cart” button to cart page, automatically add product to cart on visit, Add to Cart – Change text for add to cart buttons for each product type. Display “Product already in cart” instead of “Add to cart” button. Redirect add to cart button to any url (e.g. checkout page etc
  • Options for Old Slugs and a custom CSS tool.

First make sure WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce is installed, activate and working on your WordPress site. Then,

Start by installing and activating WooCommerce Jetpack plugin in WordPress

To start using all WooCommerce Jetpack features, install and activate WooCommerce Jetpack plugin in your WordPress site.

Upon activation,visit your admin area dashboard WooCommerce -> Settings page and you will be noticing a new tab i.e. Jetpack tab added by this plugin.

WooCommerce Jetpack

Click ‘Jetpack’ tab and you will be able to activate/deactivate the modules and manage settings for each feature.

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