White Label CMS: Complete Customization For WordPress Admin Area & Panels

If you want to give your clients a more personalized and clatter less admin area interface then White Label CMS plugin is a very good option. It allows you to customize default WordPress admin area user interface to a less confusing content management system.

With White Label CMS plugin you can easily hide WordPress branding, add your own branding text and logo etc, selectively hide confusing admin menu options like appearance, tools, users etc.

You can provide editors access to widgets and menus without letting them to change theme of your website or customize theme options. The plugin also allows you to add your own welcome panel and hide default welcome panel of WordPress.

Start by installing ‘White Label CMS’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> White Label CMS to select your options.

White Label CMS

This admin page provides you separate sections to change display settings of your admin area dashboard panels, branding, admin menus and settings. Once options are set, save changes and your settings will go live on your admin area dashboard.

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