How To Create Bootable Live Linux USB Of Your Favorite Distro?

You can now keep your favorite Linux distribution handy inside a USB flash drive. You can create a bootable USB drive to live boot or install any Linux distribution on your local drive.

Universal USB Installer is a free application you can install on your computer to create bootable Linux USB sticks. The application not only allows you to burn any downloaded ISO image to USB but it also provides you options to automatically download and create bootable USB of your favorite Linux distro.

Once USB is created, you can take your portable Linux operating system anywhere with you and run over any computer that can boot from USB flash device. You can bring your operating system, applications, files, email, bookmarked favorites, games and more with you as it is works like your very own portable operating system.

Start by downloading ‘Universal USB Installer’ app

Universal-USB-Installer 1

Once the application is installed, insert your USB drive and launch this application.

Universal-USB-Installer 2

Now from the given window, you can either choose a Linux disro or use any pre-downloaded ISO file. Finally, click ‘Create’ button to start installation process.

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