What Is Google AMP? How To Implement It On Your WordPress Website?

The AMP Project is a collaborative effort supported by companies like Google and Twitter to make the web faster. It enables the creation of fast websites and ads that are consistently fast and high-performing across mobile devices and distribution platforms.

For instance – It enables Google AMP Cache to host the content of AMP enabled websites, these cached web pages open instantly when a user taps them from search results.

As for now reading on the web is sometimes slow for some users, this also depends on their geographic location and the speed of internet connection. Hence sometimes content rich pages take several seconds to load despite all efforts taken by webmasters to speed up their websites.

Minimal HTML and JavaScript use

AMP uses minimal HTML and JavaScript so the pages are minimalist that means it restricts you from displaying certain elements such as some type of widgets and dynamic scripts on your web page.

These AMP powered web pages can be used by a mobile browser or app. At present Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and some other sites are making use of it.

AMP can help you rank higher in Google Search

Google is using AMP pages by giving them a boost in web searches made on mobile devices. So it can help you to rank higher in Google search, as believed by some experts in this field.

How to setup AMP On WordPress?

Google, Automattic and XWP have released AMP plugin for WordPress which simply needs to be activated on your WordPress website to enable AMP support.

Once activated, simply navigate to Appearance -> AMP to see how your AMP website looks, you can also change the default color header background and link color to match your website’s theme.

By default AMP support for posts is enabled on your WordPress installation but you can enable it for other custom post types also from your dashboard menu AMP -> General page.

You can also extend AMP on WordPress to support more options and customization features as explained in this post.

See your AMP powered pages on Google Search

You can view how your AMP site is doing on Google by logging into your Google Search Console, then click on Search Appearance and visit Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Sometimes Google takes time to index AMP version of your website and then it will show you all data in its search console. So don’t worry if you have just made changes and you are not seeing any AMP results in Google Search Console.

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