Use Native WordPress Upload Thickbox For Adding Image Widgets In Your Website

WordPress Image Widget plugin displays an image in your site’s widget areas. Its ability to add caption and link to image allows you to use this plugin for multiple cases like you may use it for displaying banner ads, you may use it as an About Me widget etc.

Jetpack like image widget for WordPress

  1. You can link the image
  2. Plugin is Multisite Compatible
  3. It supports HTTPS/SSL image urls
  4. It handles image resizing and alignment
  5. Its very versatile and all fields are optional.
  6. You may provide image title and description
  7. It supports override of template so that you can override the template for your theme!
  8. You can upload, link to some external image, or simply select an image from your media library using in built thickbox browser.

Other than this it supports various languages like Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Czech.

Tip: If you are a Jetpack user then no need to install this plugin, Jetpack already provides you a widget for displaying image with caption and link like in this plugin.

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