Top 5 Foods & Drinks That Can Boost Mind-Set Of Bloggers & Programmers

This article lists some selected foods and drinks that boosts your brain and helps you to keep it cool while you are working on your computer.



Almonds are good in relaxing your blood vessels and protecting you from the brunt of a headache. It is also good for the migraine sufferers. Riboflavin and L-carnitine found in almonds boost the brain activity and almonds have biochemicals that influences mood and pain relief. Omega-3 fatty acid boost your mood, mental function and benefits fetal brain development. Other than this almonds encourages blood flow which is very important for better functioning of brain.

Dark Chocolates


Dark chocolate improves your cognitive function. It decreases the anxiety levels by slowing down the amount and production of stress hormone. It can make your feel good and re-energize the working of your brain in minutes. So you can keep some good dark chocolates in your pocket and eat them whenever you feel tired while working on computer.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Everybody know that green tea is very rich in antioxidants and when consumed on regular basis it gives a feeling of total well-being. It works effectively in reducing stress and anxiety hormones that produces while you work on your computer.



Bananas contains a nice amount of vitamins and minerals which are very very good in boosting up your mind-set. Vitamin B6 present in banana converts tryptophan into serotonin which is known as the mood-lifting hormone. Another compound present in banana is Tryptophan which is widely popular in medications for curing insomnia, anxiety, depression and similar diseases.

Peanut Butter


Peanut butter contains some healthy fats and lots of protein per serving and it doesn’t expire very fast ;-) You can have it with brown bread as a late night food and it it will boost your mood, providing you good nutrients at the same time.

Other than the above given foods and drinks, coffee is more popular among the programmers but we cannot count Coffee as a health food. Most of the programmers and bloggers are highly dependent on coffee and there are many stories across internet trying to define the relationship between coffee and programming like Programmer is an organism that turns coffee into software.

Apart from these rumors, coffee energies mind-set even if you take a smell of it, it protect your brain as it is found in a 2009 study that coffee drinkers have a higher resistance to development of dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life, another study says that the smell of coffee can help you to reduce stress that was associated with loss of sleep, coffee is good for skin and strengthens your muscles etc. But drinking more coffee can cause some bad effects on health like it can bring on a burst or two of energy… often ending with a spiral into fatigue, it can make you feel unfit, it can cause stomach burn and acidity etc.

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