Top 3 Web Services For Compressing & Optimizing Images

Optimizing images becomes important especially for netizens who wants to quickly upload and share images on websites, blogs, social media sites & networks or anywhere on Internet.

There are many online service that allows you to easily reduce size of your images upto 80% (and sometimes more) without compromising with photo quality. In this way you can quickly share images anywhere on world wide web, you can make upload process fast and put more images online in a very less time. Also these compressed images becomes lightweight and takes up little disk or server space.

This post lists three cool websites which provides you tool you can use for optimizing your images without affecting their quality:


Image Size Reducer 1

Get Paint

Image Size Reducer 2

Image Optimizer

Image Size Reducer 3

WordPress Users: We have already posted a tutorial on an awesome WordPress plugin that automatically optimizes your website images without affecting their quality. So if you are a WordPress user then refer to this tutorial.

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