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ResumUP To Know What Else You Need For Achieving Your Career Goals

ResumUP is a web service designed to show who and what you need to know for achieving your career goals. It generates a step by step career path based on your professional aspirations, network and experience helping you to achieve your career goals.

You can easily start by visiting its website Resumup.com and proceeding via Facebook or LinkedIn account or you can sign-up directly by your email or you can install its chrome application and use your Google Account.

Easily Turn Any WordPress Page InTo A Beautiful Resume

You can turn any simple WordPress page into a Resume Page by using the new easy WordPress plugin called Resume Page. The plugin provides you all inbuilt basics for all what a resume page needs. The plugin follows traditional resume layout and is completely customizable with in-built design options and also you can add your custom CSS.

It provides you power to turn any page of your website into a different resume page. It also has a smart templating feature that enables developers to easily override the template simply by dropping it into child theme.

resume-page screenshot 1

Resume Page with stacked corners.

resume-page screenshot 2

Resume page with flat view and background image

resume-page screenshot 3

Github and Portfolio integration

How to use Resume Page Plugin?

Install and activate Resume Page. Upon activation the plugin automatically adds various metaboxes in Add New/Edit Pages. For creating a new resume page all you have to do is create a new page from Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New and tick ‘Make this page a Resume Page’ option in Resume Page metabox, you can also select your resume page theme, layout and manage its sections right from the page admin section.

See it live working here.

Main Features:

  1. Portfolio:Integrated lightbox portfolio
  2. Github: Integrated Github activity stream
  3. Themes: Choose from a flat setup or stacked paper corners with CSS3
  4. Reusable: Use it on every page of your site and each resume can be completely different
  5. Templating: Themers can copy the template from /templates/resume-page-template.php into a child theme and mod away safely

Top 3 Plugins That Integrates Your LinkedIn Profile In WordPress

LinkedIn targets business professionals, it helps people who are looking for job and business opportunity to discover inside connections. This article suggests three plugins that helps you integrating your LinkedIn profile in your WordPress site.

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How to Create And Manage Resume Pages Right From Your WordPress Site ?

If you are looking for starting a Resume site or your want to allow Resume information in your WordPress site then this tutorial is for you. WP Resume is a free WordPress plugin by Benbalter that simply uses custom post types for creating resume right from your website.

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