How To Easily Take Screenshots With Annotations?

The most common way of taking screenshots is ‘PrntScr’ button present in the right side of your keyword. It instantly takes a screenshot in Linux whereas Windows users can hit this button and then use paste option in ‘Paint’ app for editing and saving the screenshot.

Earlier we have discussed about taking full length screenshots. We have also posted a tutorial on Screen Capture By Google which is designed for Google Chrome & Chromium browsers. It allows you to capture visible tab content, page content or full page in PNG format.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can easily take screenshots of webpages, your desktop windows and add annotations over them, edit them and more using Awesome Screenshot App which works for Chrome 36 and later versions.

How To Use Awesome Screenshot App?

Install Awesome Screenshot App in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser then launch it from the app launcher.

Awesome Screenshot App 1

It opens up a window from where you can capture your desktop windows, browser’s active tab or you can first use ‘PrntScr’ to copy screenshot, then paste the image in this app window using ‘Ctrl+V’ button and add annotations etc.

Awesome Screenshot App 2 Awesome Screenshot App 3 Awesome Screenshot App 4

It also allows you to open image from your local drive or you may simply drag and drop the image.

As soon you use the app for opening or capturing any screenshot, it opens up inside an image editor. From the editor you can use annotations tool and save the image online or locally on your hard disk.

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