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Do Not Die Poor Or Unpopular

If dying poor is the worst thing, dying unpopular is even worse. Sangkrit has set the best way of retiring so his disciples do not die poor or unpopular.

Following that you have to keep on learning and doing two things throughout your entire lifetime; writing the best of books and investing into the best of businesses. This paves a sure way of not dying poor or unpopular at all.

Lifetime learning and investing makes the magic of compounding for you and writing books can keep all that compounded knowledge eternally alive. They continue to findout trustworthy companions for you even when you are nowhere around. Even they keep you also around by doing that.

5 Ways To Overcome Lack Of New Ideas In Writing

While being an essayist or blogger has significant points of interest, it additionally has its own particular difficulties such as lack of new creative ideas.

Lacking new ideas is the biggest problem experienced specially by professional bloggers who are very much sure that they have to write articles but sometimes don’t have ideas of points to write on. This syndrome among authors is commonly known as ‘Writer’s Block’.

In such cases you may take a break, read other articles online, watch other blogs to cure lack of new ideas, Google keywords from your niche and the best solution is to try content idea generators.

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Checking For Grammar & Spelling Mistakes In WordPress

Jetpack already provides you a module for After the Deadline proofreading service for improving your writing via artificial intelligence to find your errors and offer smart suggestions. It also provides a number of customization options which you can easily set from your profile (Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile).

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