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Every Time Judiciary Must Be Giving Only A Judgement

Judiciary must not be seeing anything other than hard facts to make a judgement.

Establishing order and delivering justice is the essential duty of a sovereign state for what any people actually accept that. Without a doubt every time everywhere judiciary must be giving only its judgement.

Not doing so very rapidly and regularly or getting involved in doing anything else might cause injustice. Judiciary must not be seeing anything other than hard facts to make a judgement. They cannot stay away from giving a judgement fearing its consequence.

Everywhere Doesn’t Belong To Everyone

Sangkrit is not invading America with immigrants but creating unlimited jobs for Americans in addition.

Sovereignty means monopolizing violence of a state but independent coercion takes its toll as so-called sovereign governments simply fail to protect their law and order in accordance. That is how Americans have shot dead many Indians by now. The government of India would only be able to speak by next week as Union Home Minister told to the parliament today.

“That door you just kicked in, was locked for your protection, not mine.”

“Trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again.”

Those western signboards now represent the globally local temperament as people are getting increasingly troubled with immigrants. Borders of a homeland, fences of a gated community and boundary walls of a private property are indeed made to secure trespassers from innocently getting troubled but immigration laws are misguiding them.

Coercive state nations still govern the planet earth while humankind is getting integrated also by the rise of internet age.  Everywhere still doesn’t belong to everyone. Going anywhere for a job is an outdated exercise. In this internet age, you can independently work from your place.

Becoming a personal outlet of the globally distributed order of Sangkrit is indeed the best choice to avoid all that since Sangkrit is not invading America with immigrants but creating unlimited independent jobs for Americans as well.

All The Men Must Get Governed

Ensuring public security and delivering free justice is the foremost task left with sovereign state. That is to be legislated for and treated accordingly. It is called the rule of law that  actually establishes law and order in its domain. People elect leaders so democratically they can build effective pressures on politicians to act accordingly.

The reactionary apartheidism is posing the biggest ever threat to public security in Arab and Europe. Its sheer disregard to the free will of the individual and any local values is fearsome for the people everywhere. 

The chasm between the glamour of the geopolitical stage and the political squalor back home is getting despairingly vast since no more any civilized people are willing to allow an influx of refugees permanently endangering public security of their homeland.

It is a military question by now and must get tackled only that way. If any tyranny is seen making many refugees then those refugees must get trained militarily to fight back for establishing democracy.

There should not be any other remedy involved. The final victory of public security is a must for establishing human order on planet earth. All the men must get governed.

Next World War Of Sovereignty Could Get Waged By Private Ownership Of Domains To Protect Their Users’ Privacy From Surveillance By States

anonymous-truthSince the internet protocol has made the situation irreversible, the world is gradually changing in a peer-to-peer manner. States cannot be defending their sovereign rights anymore since individual freedom is getting much more demanding everywhere.

Sovereign concerns like protecting the interests of subjects are increasingly seen safe with private ownership of domains instead of so-called sovereign states. Old world is gearing up fast for general disorder by repeatedly disrespecting their duty to sovereignty of states.

Next world war of sovereignty could get waged by private ownership of domains to protect their users’ social privacy from surveillance by states. They do not require an arsenal to do so. Already they have an invincible army of anonymous hackers doing so, which they can increasingly support as per the strength they wield in the numbers of their users.

Still there are less domains registered and more humans born on planet earth but things will significantly change with the expansion of internet. Registering a domain matters most for creating wealth in webspace. People across all time zones will learn it in a matter of time. Thereafter the force will become forever with the private owners of domain on planet earth. It is no small thing happening around.