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Bring Facebook POKE Feature To Your BuddyPress Network

You must have observed this feature on Facebook. Facebook Poke is an old feature of Facebook. Now you can enable Poke in your BuddyPress site too. BuddyPress Poke is the new plugin by Anu Sharma. The plugin simply activates Poke in BuddyPress that enables your community members to poke other members, just like Facebook.

bp-poke screenshot 1Other user profile

bp-poke screenshot 2Poke screen

bp-poke screenshot 3Error message

bp-poke screenshot 4Poke back screen

Simply install and activate the plugin. Upon activate your logged in members will be able to poke by visiting other users profile and using poke button.

How To Add All BuddyPress My Account Links To A Sidebar Widget ?

Now when BuddyPress is activated its all Account Links automatically get integrated with WordPress Admin Bar. Now BuddyPress doesn’t provides any BuddyBar to its new users. In old days there were many free BuddyPress plugins available for customizing BuddyBar and hence it was easy for the site owners to customize BuddyBar in their own style. But now you only get WordPress admin bar and there is not a single plugin available that provides you full customization of  WP Admin Bar visually in a user-friendly way. There are some good plugins they only provides you tweaks unless you are very good in writing CSS.

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