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Yes You Can

GPL Is Getting Ready To Get Made A Law Across All Countries

RKP & RMSRKP and RMS have repeatedly met and discussed. In some of the meetings a few senior associates and FSF activists also participated. RMS is seeing RKP’s approach too radical whereas RKP is stressing that tolerance for proprietary environs won’t work for us and both the leaders are solidly together to take on old world order. They may design something that is going to electrify whole world across all time zones.

May be the legendary GPL is getting ready to get made a law across all countries. It is not going to happen in one go but the things have really began. Birgitta Jónsdóttir from Iceland may also join in. Senior-most politicians of India have given the nod. The world is not going to remain as it has been.

India Can Certainly Create A Twenty Trillion Dollar Economy Within Ten Years

SANGKRITdotnetCan India create a twenty trillion dollar economy within three to ten years? Yes! It is neither impossible nor difficult. Cooperating for its due growth with SANGKRIT.net is a sure-shot option and it is always open.

SANGKRIT.net globally runs following program that could indeed be very helpful in doing so: –

  1. Encouraging women through all social environs for registering domains in individual names and using WordPress as free press for domestic entrepreneurship in global market.
  2. Encouraging freedom of internet through the onion routes in p2p mobility beyond android.
  3. Discouraging client-server architecture of world-wide-web.
  4. Discouraging master-servant architecture of society.

First of all it must be understood fully well that India is a developing country and would remain one for many decades to come. Following SANGKRIT.net with that understanding will really be helpful. Unleashing domestic entrepreneurship among the people of India with global market at disposal will change the scenario within no time. At least ten million domain names should get registered in individual names for using WordPress as free press and business toward that. Within ten years India can certainly create a twenty trillion dollar economy on its own.

No Political Party Has A Clear Road-Map To Overhaul The Legislative Chaos In India

parliamentPublicity always dis-activates the public rationale. To propagate for anything, knowledge is not necessary. Unlike hackers, who have to get the things done, politicians usually make promises about doing. Since the people make no constant entity through the long run so the political hope is always worthwhile despite repeatedly proving futile.

No political party has yet shown a clear-cut road-map to overhaul the legislative chaos in India. None is telling in a legislative way that for doing what they are seeking a mandate. What they are seeing and showing is that they want to form the government, which has systematically proved very lucrative to them. India is no small player in upcoming media of Internet so the situation can only change by giving it due respect.

Internet Evaluation Can Bust Many Myths Altogether If Political Organizations And Governments Are Checked For The Trust Of Internet Users

Like all democracies, India is also facing cut-throat competition for governance in politics. A lot of confusion has been around due to heavy bombardment of misinformation upon common man by misusing public money for making all possible propaganda gimmicks. Now when internet is upcoming as predominant political  class, internet evaluation at internet growth engine of sangkrit.net can bust many myths altogether if political organizations and governments are finally checked for the trust of internet users in India and abroad.

Today foremost political prospects in e-merging India are primarily ranked as follows: –

  1. Government of National Capital Region of Delhi upon its domain delhi.gov.in is globally ranked 13,820
  2. Aam Aadmi Party upon its domain aamaadmiparty.org is globally ranked 23,643
  3. Internet Growth Engine upon its domain sangkrit.net is globally ranked 44,596
  4. BJP upon its domain bjp.org is globally ranked 92,115
  5. Government of Gujarat upon its domain gujaratindia.com is globally ranked 195,939
  6. INC upon its domain aicc.org.in is globally ranked 209,050

Saving the people from misinformation, the truth is revealed here that Government of Gujarat is really ahead of Indian National Congress but BJP is far ahead of that. Similarly all are behind the internet growth engine of sangkrit.net but Aam Aadmi Party is ahead of that too although still lagging far behind the Government of National Capital Region of Delhi, which in fact now tops the list of public trust.

India is third largest player within world-wide-web despite most of its population is still not accessing internet so repeatedly reinventing its internet is the only way until government gets its position comfortable enough. Furthering public security for ensuring freedom of women, children and internet has become a must at concurrent stage of human civilization. Any human society is now judged for its civility particularly upon this basis before anything else. Freedom of women, children and elderly people can only be ensured by expanding internet usage. Internet growth engine of sangkrit.net can easily lead up to that also so any cooperation can further change upcoming scenario in realpolitik. Only this can make political progress in India very seamless.