Public Life Must Not Get Disturbed

Whosoever is against anything may simply blog about it via own domain. Publishing very explicit post about anything you oppose helps to let the world know who you are and what do you expect as outcome that mainly depends upon that how explicit you express it to the world.

Disrupting public life to make it your demand cannot be called a public protest. Anonymous activities doing so rather make it more irresponsible. Such savage modes have become outdated and cannot be supported anymore through this Internet Age.

Today Occupy Central at Hong Kong is creating such a chaos targeted against Chinese authority and it is also coming out that certain western agencies have funded a few setups involved within it. In concurrent circumstance, Indian peoples’ free will is as usually supportive to Chinese peoples’ free will opposing any outside interference with it.

China is India’s largest neighbor and India has always respected the free will of the Chinese people who too have fulfilled Indian wish for a peaceful and prosperous neighborhood in place.

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