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Not Any Politician But The Internet Class Is The Engine Of Revolution Everywhere

In general there is a question that what utmost benefit the people of India may derive from this Loksabha election? In India not only the ruling party INC constantly failed despite ruling India since independence but the so-called opposition of BJP also failed after winning three elections in a row. Even seasonal outfits like AAP emerged and failed many times before also in the formats of Janata Party, Jan  Morcha  and Janata Dal. Therefore e-merging India should vote for a change by opting all open options wisely since it is the engine of a real revolution instead of any Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal.

The particular question is that how could you contribute your utmost in to this Loksabha election? The new thing this time is a NOTA (none of the above) button on voting machine. Pushing that vote poses a true threat to corrupt mechanism of incompetent representation. Not any politician but the upcoming Internet class is the engine of revolution everywhere. Internet Growth Engine is focusing to constantly increase its numbers everywhere so that people across all countries may stop now repeatedly losing their elections.

Free Software Policy Is Getting Shape

Today Richard Matthew Stallman visited Rajendra Kumar Pandey at around 8:57 PM. RMS has shown his draft to RKP on his laptop. RKP has also shown his draft to RMS on his laptop.

RMS said that RKP’s draft is too radical and might bring in a lot of opposition so he cannot support it despite the fact that it is rather more close to his own ideals. RKP’s draft is as follows: –

Free Software Policy

Anyone can register a domain with free software support and pay any freelance programmer not less than 15 US$ per hour for not more than hours necessary to build his business on GPL code.

Free Software Policy that must get made a General Public Law across all countries alike defines that any software that is made must be free for: –

  1. freedom to use it

  2. freedom to study it

  3. freedom to change it

  4. freedom to share it

Thus source code of any software must always remain free to get freely used, studied, changed and shared without any legal hindrance within the whole humanity.

Whichever software doesn’t comply with all these conditions cannot be made, run or sold.

It should be made illegal across all the countries to use or distribute any such software, which doesn’t comply with all the given conditions.

Only by freeing the source code and changing the license to GPL, any software can survive this law.


RKP said he has no problem with the draft brought by RMS, which is as follows: –

Draft Digital Freedom Goals

Digital technology in a free society must respect users’ freedom.

India will move towards _free_ software — software that respects the four essential freedoms: to run the program, study and change its source code, redistribute unchanged, and redistribute with changes. India will advance towards digital freedom on six fronts.

For digital sovereignty, India will cease installation of nonfree software in government agencies, then over time replace currently used nonfree software with free software.  E-governance must use only free software.

For education in freedom, India will have schools teach, distribute and promote only free software and free textbooks, and explain the civic reasons.

For citizens’ digital security, India will make digital products safe by requiring firmware to be free, and limit digital systems from amassing and keeping huge collections of personal data.

For a free web, India will make the software contained in web pages respect users’ freedom too.

For freedom in digital commerce, India will implement digital cash that allows users to be anonymous when buying from a web site, but doesn’t let the web site conceal its total income.

For freedom of digital expression, India will guarantee that no web material can be blocked or removed by government without due process of law.

RKP suggested to call it Free Software Policy and RMS agreed. This Free Software Policy shall become the basis of global campaign of hackers for freedom. Upon legislation in a country this Free Software Policy can be called as General Public Law.

During his this trip to New Delhi, the legendary RMS held political meetings with L K Advani, Pratibha Advani, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi, other than continuously discussing the prospects of technology in politics with Rajendra Kumar Pandey on a day-to-day basis.

RMS left at around 9:38 PM as he was feeling tired so desired to go to bed earlier than usual. Before to meet RKP for the fifth and last time during his this visit to India, RMS had more than one hour long meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi with legendary RMS

Rahul has most respectfully listened to the legendary RMS on all the technological aspects of governance, RMS was preparing to draft in the due document.

Before going to bed on Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 10:39 PM RMS finally emailed his draft to RKP, which got duly replied by RKP on Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 12:01 AM saying; “We can certainly use it”. Thus the Free Software Policy got its initial shape and the next round of meetings of its makers is also scheduled.

The Game Is Over Before It Could Even Begin

vijaygoyalJust think, if Vijay Goyal goes through Delhi Assembly elections without offering unnecessary credit to Narendra Modi and wins to become the Chief Minister. Again think, if Narendra Modi wholeheartedly campaigns to make Vijay Goyal Chief Minister but fails because of Sheila Dikshit or more adversely due to Arvind Kejriwal. Have you understood now that whatever result may come through Delhi’s assembly elections, Narendra Modi is sure to get defeated. If Delhi assembly elections are given due hype, Narendra Modi loses for sure.

Delhi is India’s only state that can boast of complete connectivity. Total number of mobile phone connections here are much larger than total number of people living here. Internet Growth Engine has got greater internet influence than both BJP and Congress. a concerted campaign can make anyone win here but no campaign can make Mr Narendra Modi a political beneficiary out of Delhi’s assembly elections. That is the check-mate. The game is over before it could even begin.

Internet Evaluation Can Bust Many Myths Altogether If Political Organizations And Governments Are Checked For The Trust Of Internet Users

Like all democracies, India is also facing cut-throat competition for governance in politics. A lot of confusion has been around due to heavy bombardment of misinformation upon common man by misusing public money for making all possible propaganda gimmicks. Now when internet is upcoming as predominant political  class, internet evaluation at internet growth engine of sangkrit.net can bust many myths altogether if political organizations and governments are finally checked for the trust of internet users in India and abroad.

Today foremost political prospects in e-merging India are primarily ranked as follows: –

  1. Government of National Capital Region of Delhi upon its domain delhi.gov.in is globally ranked 13,820
  2. Aam Aadmi Party upon its domain aamaadmiparty.org is globally ranked 23,643
  3. Internet Growth Engine upon its domain sangkrit.net is globally ranked 44,596
  4. BJP upon its domain bjp.org is globally ranked 92,115
  5. Government of Gujarat upon its domain gujaratindia.com is globally ranked 195,939
  6. INC upon its domain aicc.org.in is globally ranked 209,050

Saving the people from misinformation, the truth is revealed here that Government of Gujarat is really ahead of Indian National Congress but BJP is far ahead of that. Similarly all are behind the internet growth engine of sangkrit.net but Aam Aadmi Party is ahead of that too although still lagging far behind the Government of National Capital Region of Delhi, which in fact now tops the list of public trust.

India is third largest player within world-wide-web despite most of its population is still not accessing internet so repeatedly reinventing its internet is the only way until government gets its position comfortable enough. Furthering public security for ensuring freedom of women, children and internet has become a must at concurrent stage of human civilization. Any human society is now judged for its civility particularly upon this basis before anything else. Freedom of women, children and elderly people can only be ensured by expanding internet usage. Internet growth engine of sangkrit.net can easily lead up to that also so any cooperation can further change upcoming scenario in realpolitik. Only this can make political progress in India very seamless.