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Auto Import External Post Images & Update Their URLs In WordPress Site

You can automatically import external post images and update their URLs in your post content.

Previously we have discussed saving any image from any website to the WordPress media library. By default, WordPress offers you the functionality to insert external images (i.e. images located on other websites) in your post content.

But this lesson is about automatically importing external images to your website and auto-changing their URLs inside your post content to their new URL on your website.

How To Save External Post Images In WordPress?

There is a plugin for that, navigate to Plugins -> Add New page to search and install Auto Upload Images plugin on your website.

Upon activation, visit its settings page to select your options such as if you want to exclude the plugin’s functionality for any post type or you want to block certain websites for uploading images, etc.

The plugin automatically works when you save your post, it searches for the image URLs present inside your post content and when it finds any external image URL, it imports it to your website and replaces its URL inside your post content.