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Healthy Households Isolate!

Adequately isolate your healthy household if none from your house is exposed to COVID-19. Disallow any visitors to enter your house and do not visit others’ houses either. Learn living a lockdown in advance.

First of all stock a household supply sufficient for a few weeks to prepare your family for living at home without any outgoing essentials involved anymore.

Start everyday by cleaning your home. Make every member of the household do this work. Following that freshly cook your vegetarian meals. Again make every member of the household independently prepare at least a dish of choice. Enjoy family meals together by discussing your opportunities of domestic entrepreneurship.

Register a domain name each for every member of the family by visiting system.sangkrit.net and install WordPress to responsibly start blogging and business. Simply by homeschooling your children into this domestic entrepreneurship for working from home you become a Sangkrit household to proudly say “hello world!”

No Seed Thrives Without A Patronage Network

Domestic entrepreneurship makes homeschool and family business ascertaining a sustainable private property as inheritance for your next generation.

We are not everyone. Everything is not going to help us either. Programming gives us ultimate pleasure so we do require inventing our patronage network. We do that by aggregating our programming power from worldwide for distributing across all countries alike as online support via system@sangkrit.net to get paid by our domain registrants in hourly per terminal basis.

Patronage networks are necessary to make anyone survive and thrive. They make your world. No seed thrives without a patronage network around it. If there is none, you need to find one.

Sangkrit is such a patronage network to make the most of people survive and thrive simply by following its code that mandates for cleaning your place, cooking your meals, programming your world and blogging your knowledge. It is quite affordable for everyone to startup into this.

Life is limited. You should be very careful about investing your time and attention in only useful things. Free will of the individual for independent initiatives in entrepreneurship is the driving force of success. That could develop and diversify any domestic entrepreneurship.

Domestic entrepreneurship makes homeschool and family business ascertaining a sustainable private property as inheritance for your next generation. Endogamy within same trade makes more sustainable families. Thus a particular class becomes a particular caste in process. Independent castes work as great patronage networks. They do better than trade unions. This makes every family work together to grow together and no family member gathers a world apart from others so they sustainably stay together.

Thus Sangkrit builds a whole new world that works better. Professional programmers make its world to work. Users make its reality. Beyond that this doesn’t entertain others.

There Cannot Be Any Free Men Without Free Women

Free women form free families. Upbringing of free children occurs only in a free family. Without that much there cannot be any free men. So what actually sets a woman free?

A free woman must own her domain and domestic entrepreneurship. That much sets a woman actually free. Free children are homeschooled by parents for inheriting their free home equipped with its domestic entrepreneurship on a globally distinct domain. Together by their free will, they let a free man code for them and humanity.

A free man knows respecting the free will of a free woman, who owns herself. Naturally she shall be owning her household, domestic entrepreneurship and domain name along with homeschooling her children to keep her man also free. Only that sets a woman truly free.

Domestic Entrepreneurship And Homeschool Stabilize Human Habitats

The politics of displacement is causing most problems across all the countries alike. This has been imperial, colonial, savage, outdated and inhumane. Their untoward education and economy and overall law and order failures cause displacement of humankind and whenever such state failures are en mass, people become refugees.

At SANGKRIT.net domestic entrepreneurship and homeschool make sustainable solutions by stabilizing human habitats. Internet age makes this executable in a world-class way. Let your children be very much sure about their business from the very beginning and become smartest in their own ecosystem of domestic entrepreneurship.

You must be running your homeschool for that to let your children know fully well that how a happy home is configured: –

  1. Inhabitants make it everyday clean.
  2. Every time they themselves cook their meal.
  3. Nobody has to go anywhere outside looking for any education or employment when their consistency is made business-wise necessary for the whole world connected via internet.
  4. They live under no debt and deal with the whole world by their free will.

Startup your own domestic entrepreneurship considering the capabilities of your home and family by registering your domain name at http://system.sangkrit.net today itself. This is going to make your family free from all untoward impacts.

Avoiding all untoward education and untoward employment is necessary for the humankind to prevail. All civilizations can now be doing so in sync with Sangkrit.