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How Small Businesses Can Enable Customers To Book Orders Online?

Now small businesses can avoid crowded counters in their store by allowing customers to book their orders online and then pick up that order from the store or get it home delivered.

Although, with WordPress Ecommerce you can start an advanced online store with pickup and home-delivery options. However small businesses that operate locally in a small area can make use of the store pickup option, especially those who don’t want to ride on third-party logistic services and are not interested in hiring someone personally for that.

With WordPress Ecommerce you can make your online store on your own, you can easily add products, activate payment methods, and start serving local clients with a store pickup option so that people can browse the products online, book them from home, and pick up the parcel without crowding your shop.

How To Start An eCommerce Shop With Store Pickup Option?

Simply start by registering your domain name and then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce. Once you are subscribed to the service, the automated process will guide you in connecting your domain name with your store website and set up the basic options to make your store website ready for the customers.

Local Pickup is a shipping option that can be enabled on your WordPress Ecommerce website from your admin area Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Settings page.

  1. Click the ‘Shippings’ option
  2. Click ‘Add Shipping Zone’ button
  3. Select the region you are serving
  4. Click ‘Add Shipping Method’
  5. Select ‘Local Pickup’

Save your changes and you will be able to use this shipping method over your products. If you have multiple outlets, you can select more regions in the third step.

How To Extend Local Pickup Option?

This can be done by installing and activating a WordPress plugin called Advanced Local Pickup for WooCommerce. The plugin allows you to mark order status as ‘Ready for Pickup’ and send your customers an email having important pickup instructions.

Once the order is picked up from your store, you can mark the order status as ‘Picked Up’ and send another email notification to the customer.

The given plugin allows you to handle pickup orders more conveniently by extending the default WooCommerce local pickup functionality with more options:

  • You can mark orders as ‘Ready for Pickup’ and send email notifications to your customers
  • You can mark orders as ‘Picked up’ and again notify your customers
  • You can set pick-up instructions such as location name, address, work hours, and special instructions
  • You can customize the order status email subject, heading, and content
  • You can customize the pickup instruction display on the order status emails
  • You can add pickup location & details to the processing order email and the order received page

You May Either Make A ‘Pickup Only Store’ Or Use It With Other Shipping Options

Local Pickup option can be enabled with or without other shipping methods you have on your WordPress Ecommerce website. The given plugin simply helps you to conveniently handle orders marked for pickup. It does this by extending the default ‘Local Pickup’ functionality you get with your WordPress Ecommerce website.

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