Post Tracking Updates For Status Of Orders & Support Tickets In WordPress

You can post status and tracking details of orders or support tickets in your WordPress site.

For instance: Suppose you are running an eCommerce website on WordPress, you can post tracking details like shipping, successfully delivered etc which your customers can search using their order numbers on your web store. 

Order Tracking Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to post and manage order tracking details from the admin panel.

Start by installing and activating it on your WordPress site

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Order Tracking’ page then select ‘Orders’ tab (for adding new orders).

‘Options’ tab allows you to set configurations to display:

  1. Order Number
  2. Name
  3. Status
  4. Updated Date
  5. Notes
  6. Status Graphic

You can set time zones, add order form instructions, set order email frequency, enable AJAX reloads, order email confirmation etc.

Order Tracking Plugin 1

‘Email’ tab allows you to set a custom email letter to be sent to your users. Other tabs include Status, Dashboard, Customers, Sales Reps etc.

Overall features of this plugin allows you to:

  • Set up order or ticket numbers which customers can search
  • Automatic e-mailing when the status of an order/ticket changes
  • Ability to create customers, assign a group of orders to a customer
  • Ability to create sales rep and assign customers and orders to them
  • Custom order fields to display information such as weight, estimated delivery, price, insurance options, etc.
  • Ability to create/update orders by uploading a spreadsheet
  • Ability to export orders to a spreadsheet
  • Update the status of an order or ticket
  • Create custom statuses that suit your business
  • Hide or delete orders/tickets
  • Options to decide what order information is displayed, whether the information should be displayed in a new window, with AJAX, etc.
  • Responsive, clean CSS that’s completely customizable
Displaying order tacking form for your customers:

Order Tracking Plugin 2

For displaying order tacking form simply use [tracking-form] shortcode on the frontend of your website. You can add attributes to your shortcode like: order_form_title, order_field_text, submit_text.

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