Web Session Manager, When Bookmarks Aren’t Enough

Bookmarks are quick and easy way to accessing your favorite websites but sometimes bookmarks aren’t enough specially when you need saving a web page exactly as it is like your account logged in and certain work already in progress etc. In such situations you can use Session Manager, a Google Chrome app alows you to save sessions of your opened tabs and windows and you can quickly re-open them whenever you want.

Using Session Manager you can quickly save your current browser state and reload it whenever you like. It allows you to manage multiple sessions and each session knows the state of web-browser at its creation time i.e the opened tabs and windows, once a session is opened, the browser is restored to its state. You can rename or remove sessions from your session library.

It skips the login screen, configuration pages and menus and returns you to the page exactly as you left it. It may be risky sometimes so don’t use it on systems operated by multiple users. But still, Session Manager is a big time-saver and useful app that gives you a noticeable difference.

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