Now Search Your Bookmarks From Google Chrome Omni Bar

People generally click ‘Bookmark this page’ button without choosing any bookmark directory. This not only populates ‘Other bookmarks’ folder but also makes it very hard for you to find the bookmark you are looking for.

No worries because now you can easily search any bookmarked page right from your Chrome’s address bar.

Holmes 2

Holmes is an awesome Google Chrome extension designed for searching bookmarks simply by typing their names or keywords.

Bookmark Search 2

For searching a bookmark simply click Holmes button (visible next to address bar) and start typing any keyword of bookmark you are looking for.

The extension soon dropdown a list of suggested bookmarks to select from.

Bookmark Search 1

It also provides you keyboard shortcuts for accessing bookmark search: Press Ctrl + K for moving your cursor to address bar and then type * and a space to activate Holmes bookmark search.

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