How To Archive WordPress Plugins For Future Review?

You can archive WordPress plugins and save them for future use, within your WordPress installation. You might have used email archiving feature and sometime back we have discussed about archiving WordPress posts to remove them from your website without really deleting them. Now in this lesson you will learn archiving plugins.

The Hack Repair Guy’s Plugin Archiver is a WordPress plugin that allows you to deactivate and archive any plugin for future review.

When a plugin is archived, it is both deactivated and removed from the plugins list page on your admin area dashboard.

Start by installing ‘The Hack Repair Guy’s Plugin Archiver’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Plugins -> Installed Plugins page and use ‘Archive’ link under plugin name in order to archive it.

Plugin Archive 1

All archived plugin can be accessed and restored anytime from your admin area dashboard Plugins -> Archived Plugins page.

Plugin Archive 2

Of great use when you have a list of plugins that you like to install in all of your WordPress websites without listing them on admin plugins page, until you need them.

Or, Maybe if you share management with additional administrator and don’t want him to activate plugins you have preserved for some other use.

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