WordPress Suicide Plugin For Deleting Selected Content (By Table) From MySQL Database

Suicide is a free WordPress plugin you can use for cleaning all content from your WordPress site’s database (by table). The plugin works both in Single as well as WordPress Multisite installations.

Simply install and activate Suicide plugin and then follow the steps:

WordPress Single Site Install:

  1. Visit the Dashboard -> Tools -> Suicide page
  2. Select the database tables you like to remove content from then click Yes button.
  3. Also you can check Prevent further suicide checkbox which automatically Deactivates plugin after use.

The plugin allows you to remove content from following tables:

  • blog_posts
  • blog_comments
  • blog_commentmeta
  • blog_links
  • blog_postmeta (custom fields)
  • blog_term_relationships
  • blog_terms
  • blog_term_taxonomy
  • blog_users
  • blog_usermeta
  • blog_options

And yes you can manually select what table content you want to remove by checking boxes infront of them.

If you are using WordPress Multisite Installs: Visit Network Admin Dashboard -> Sites -> Network Suicide and select which websites you would like to remove content from.

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