Purge Post Revisions Using A Simple Discreet Link In WordPress

Post revisions automatically saves each post draft, update and auto saves. Earlier we have discussed about limiting or turning off post revisions in WordPress.

The main purpose of limiting, deleting or turning off post revisions is to decrease unnecessary load on your database. In this lesson we will show you how you can purge i.e. delete post revisions when writing or updating posts in your website. 

Simple Revisions Delete is the new WordPress plugin that adds a discreet link within a post publishing meta box (located on the right side of post edit screen) to let you purge (delete) its revisions via AJAX.

Start by installing Simple Revisions Delete plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page or open any old post for editing.

From the ‘Publish’ meta box, you will be noticing a link showing some browses. To purge revisions, all you got to do is click ‘Purge’ link and that’s it. There are no other configuration options to set.

Simple Revisions Delete 1

The good thing about this plugin is that you can keep cleaning database by removing unnecessary posts revisions on the go. Unlike other similar plugins, it enables you to delete only specific posts revisions and not all your site revisions at once. Hence, you get more control.

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