How Text Compression On Improves Your Website’s Speed?

The websites having no text compression are comparatively slower than the websites with active text compression. Hence, if you don’t have text compression turned on, your webpage is going to be slow. now has this on by default on all web hosting plans, so your if your page is suffering from this, it’s either because of third-party objects, or it somehow got disabled on your web hosting account and now you need to re-enable mod_deflate.

What is Mod_Deflate?

Mod_deflate is an Apache Web server module pre-installed on all’s Linux hosting accounts.

It compresses content returned from your hosting account using the zlib compression algorithm. It should only be used on text, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML.

Multimedia files are usually already compressed; using mod_deflate on these types of files does nothing and can result in slower page-load times.

Linux Web Hosting hosting accounts at have mod_deflate enabled by default. This compresses all text type files requested from it. You can disable mod_deflate on a per-directory basis and it applies recursively.

Enabling/Disabling Mod_Deflate

Place the following in a .htaccess file to disable mod_deflate:

SetEnvIf Request_URI .* no-gzip=1

To enable it, just make sure the given code is not present in your .htaccess file which is located in your website’s root directory.

For more information see :

In-case .htaccess file is not present then you can create it clicking the NEW FILE button and naming your new file as .htaccess. Since it is a hidden file so before you create it, make sure hidden files are visible to you. This is done by clicking the settings icon on the top right side of your cPanel’s file manager.

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