How To Download Google Play Store (Android Apps) On PC?

There are a lot of reasons when you want to first download any Android App (from Google Play Store) to your PC and the install it on Android.

Many a times, slow Internet connections on Android phone makes app to download very slow. Although it is possible to share Internet between two devices, we have already discussed how you can make hotspot on your Ubuntu computer.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how to first download any Android App from Google Play store to your PC and then you can transfer it to your Android phone (via USB cable or Bluetooth etc) for installation.

There are various methods for downloading Google Play apps on PC. Like you first copy any Google Play app URL and then generate app’s download link from here.

After the download link is generated, open it and it will ask you to save that file on your computer’s local disk.

OR alternatively you may install Android app downloader extension on Google Chrome and use it for downloading Google Play apps.

If you are using the second method (using Google Chrome’s Android App downloader extension) then there are few steps to make it work for you:

  1. First download and install the Device ID App on your Android device to know your Android’s GSF ID and Device ID
  2. Download and install APK Downloader Chrome Extension. After installation it automatically redirects you to its option pageOR you can manually visit its options page from Chrome Settings -> Extensions page: Android App Downloader for PC 2
  3. Here you will be asked to enter your Google Play login credentials and your device’s GSF ID key. (Watch Video Tutorial) Android App Downloader for PC 1
  4. Click the ‘Sign In’ button
  5. Now you will be seeing a small icon added  to your address bar on Google Play app’s pages: Android App Downloader for PC 3
  6. Clicking this icon shows a popup for saving that Android app to your PC’s local drive.

Another Easy Method:

There are various websites that allows you to browse popular Android apps, you can search for your Android app (app you like downloading) there and then download it to your local disk.

For Example: Suppose if you want to download VLC player first on your computer.

Visit, search for the VLC player app.

Android App Downloader for PC 4

It provides you various download options like you can use email download, QR code download, Android download (works on Android devices) or simply click the direct APK file download link.

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