Nothing Unnecessary! Nowhere! Never!

It is essential to continue with a lockdown in place. Wherever it is not yet mandatory, let it become voluntary.

Affirm your solidarity in this battle of humankind on COVID-19 by blogging from within your homes for preparing the most of people into this. Not going out for anything non-essential must now become a good habit of everyone around. Logistics of internet age already facilitate for that.

Sangkrit is the saviour system for humankind as per the internet age. Practising its principles of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world and blogging your business adequately prepares you for staying at home with necessary soial distancing not only through these Corona times but thereafter as well.

There is no other way out left for the survival of humanity. Humankind facing COVID-19 ought to be following the working principle of Sangkrit that says since eternity NOTHING UNNECESSARY! NOWHERE! NEVER!

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