New AJAX Powered Search Keyword Analyzer & Tracker For WordPress

With new Ajaxy Search Keyword Analyzer & Tracker, webmasters can track live searches happening on their website, they can track the search keyword and can easily get to know what website visitors are looking for in their website. You can easily get started, simply install and activate Ajaxy Search Keyword Analyzer & Tracker plugin. Upon activation the plugin adds a dashboard widgets showing you all search stats and reports.

Using AJAX search keyword tracker & analyzer’s dashboard widget

The plugin provides you a dashboard widget so that you can know all reports as soon you login to your website’s admin section. After activation the plugin automatically adds its admin widget in Dashboard -> Home. The widgets provides you keyword search reports like total keyword search, total unique keyword search and keyword search with no results etc. Also you can view stats by area chart, bubble chart, column chart, combo chart, pie chart and more.

Settings, Options & Filters:

Right from the search tracker admin page (Dashboard -> Ajaxy -> Search Tracker) you can filter search stats by keyword, date & time. From the settings tab you can enable tracking for blog search, data and live search. Other customization options include data removal and dashboard widget display.

Deleting past search records from your database:

Data should be cleared from time to time for more performance, data might become huge if your blog is receiving a lot of searches daily. You can delete all useless search tracking data from Dashboard -> Ajaxy -> Search Tracker page, under the settings tab. You can type date by ‘from’ & ‘to’ for removing search data.

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