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Make Use Of Google Freshness Algorithm To Rank Higher On Search

There is a lot of content out there that explains Google’s freshness algorithm and all is complicated. So, in this lesson, we will make you easily understand what exactly Google Freshness Algorithm is and how you can use it to increase your website traffic by ranking higher on search engine results pages.

What Bloggers Should Know About Google Freshness Algorithm?

One thing that you should know about Google Freshness Algorithm is that it states people want search results that are both relevant and recent.

For instance, if somebody is searching for ‘How to write a blog post in WordPress?’, most probably he is searching to write a blog post on the latest WordPress version and not years old version that now nobody uses.

Google Prefers Fresh Content

Google has stated that the change has already impacted about 35% of search queries which means a minimum of one result per page is getting affected and noticeably it has affected approximately 6% to 10% of search queries.

Get Benefitted From Google Freshness Algorithm

Bloggers should understand that Google is now ranking newer blog posts higher than older posts. There is no problem with poetry, literature, and stories blogs but if you are blogging in a niche such as technology, etc then you must keep your blog posts updated and reposted.

Updating Old Blog Posts Is The Solution

You can get benefitted from Google Freshness Algorithm by updating your old outdated posts and then switching their dates.

Managed WordPress users can easily do this from the post edit screen right below the ‘Post’ block. You simply need to click Publish – ‘Immediately’ link and then change the date of your updated blog post. But first, make sure that the content of your blog post is updated. You may also switch the post to draft, update it and then repost it on your website.

How Subscribing To Search Engine Visibility Benefits Your Business?

Creating a website is the first step for businesses to establish an online presence. Registering your domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan gets you a website. Your website should provide information about the business, including its products and services, and contact information.

The next step is to get yourself visible on the search engine results page, this automatically happens when you continuously post quality blogs on your website. But to give a boost to your online visibility and make it easier for search engines to archive your website, the SEO product can be subscribed here. It saves your bills for SEO optimization that you pay SEO experts. By having this product you can do all SEO on your own even if you don’t have any technical skills.

Subscribing to search engine visibility i.e. SEO gives you many benefits. These benefits cover the following list:

Increased Traffic To Your Website

SEO helps to improve a website’s ranking on SERPs, which leads to more traffic to the website. The higher a website ranks, the more likely it is to be clicked on by users, which can increase the number of visitors to the site.

The User Experience Is Improved

SEO involves optimizing a website’s content, structure, and navigation, which can lead to a better user experience. This can result in longer dwell time, lower bounce rates, and higher engagement, which can contribute to a website’s overall ranking.

The Conversion Rates Get Better With Time

SEO can help to improve the quality of traffic to a website, leading to better conversion rates. When a website’s content is optimized for specific keywords, it attracts users who are more likely to be interested in the products or services offered by the website, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Offers Cost-Effective Marketing

A search engine-optimized blog is a cost-effective Internet marketing strategy compared to other forms of advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Once a website is optimized, it can continue to generate traffic and leads without additional investment.

Domain Awareness Is Increased

A website that ranks high on SERPs can increase domain awareness and visibility. Users are more likely to trust and recognize a domain that appears at the top of search engine results.

SEO benefits a website by increasing traffic, improving user experience, boosting conversion rates, being cost-effective, and increasing awareness of your business.

By subscribing to the SEO product you get personalized phrases and words called keywords to add and increase traffic to your website and help it rank better. You are able to easily create, customize, and submit a site map to aid search engines in crawling your site. The progress of your website’s rank on Google over time can be tracked from the admin panel of your SEO product.

How Subscribing To Search Engine Visibility Helps You Get Found On Google?

The SEO tool available at Sangkrit.net takes you through a step-by-step process of optimizing your website for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

This is specially programmed for the people who don’t have a big budget of hiring an SEO expert and don’t have much time to invest in studying the trends and keywords that increase your chances to get more prominently visible on Google.

By subscribing to Search Engine Optimization you can bring more traffic over time to your website. Let’s see how this tool helps you with that.

Easily Sets Up On Your Website

The first thing you need to make sure of is you have your website hosted at Sangkrit.net, if you don’t you can transfer it by subscribing to a hosting plan such as cPanel Hosting, or if you use WordPress then you may choose Managed WordPress because it offers you setup, backup, updates, and support in one place.

Next, subscribe to Search Engine Optimization. Once you do that the automated system will help you in setting it up for your website.

Suggests Topics & Keywords

It offers you a keyword and topic suggestion tool that lets you describe what your content is all about. Suggestions are provided on the basis of what keywords are more frequently searched by people for finding any specific content type.

Hence, you get personalized phrases and words to add to increase traffic to your website and help it rank better on the search engine results pages. It lets you track your internet success over time.

The Sitemap

It automatically generates the sitemap for your website. A sitemap is a file created for search engines to effectively crawl your entire website and know about all the content, what needs to be indexed and what needs to be reindexed, the updates, and everything.

So it is indeed a nice tool to help you easily better the SEO of your website and more easily reach the people who are searching for you on the internet.

How To Get Your Business Visible On Internet Search?

Simply start blogging your business, learn and improve, stay consistent, and don’t drop your frequency until you reach the first page of the search results page.

Start Your Blog

Every sale starts with an internet search and every internet search displays posts from other blogs. So first of all you need to create your own blog.

That can be easily done by registering your domain name and making your website yourself with WordPress.

You may simply subscribe to Managed WordPress, WordPress Ecommerce, or use a Dedicated Server as per your budget. 

Start Blogging Your Business

Once you make your website, start posting articles about your business. Write compelling post titles to target your consumer and create more posts every day. Each blog post is an opportunity to get visible on search and rank higher than before. 

Make Your Website Load Fast

If your website performs slow, ninety percent of the visitors are going to leave your website in a second. If you want to avoid such a situation then keep your website fast. Otherwise, you will also make it difficult for the search engines to archive your website.

To speed up your website you can 

  • Use fewer plugins
  • Use lightweight themes
  • Use WP Super Cache plugin
  • Set up a lazy load image plugin
  • Stick only to WordPress default themes
  • Ensure that the images are not too heavy

Searchers Come To You For A Solution

People click your post for a solution, not to see the beauty of your website. So always serve them with high-quality content. Find out what your searchers want and give that to them.

Focus on writing posts that can promote your business by helping others. You can write posts about your products, how they are useful to consumers, how to use them, why people should choose you, etc. 

Write easy-to-read and follow text and before you write a post title always think about the words that a searcher might search to find your post.

You Don’t Need Any SEO Expert

Posting high-quality content consistently is enough to get your website visible on search.

Don’t get into the trap of SEO experts or you will end up wasting your time and money. That can be better utilized in making great posts and promoting your domain.

You can simply subscribe to search engine visibility to be well on your way to an optimized website. It will help you to increase your search rankings with its suggested topic tool. It also lets you track your internet ranking, analyze your website and know its performance.